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NOTE: For the best experience, downloading the Windows or Linux version is reccomended.

Somewhere in a far away land, a group of bandicoots live in peace, doing nothing but dancing all day.  This is interrupted by a crystal being named Krystal, as her ship is wrecked by unseen forces and she is forced to collect the banoocas' main source of power: Gems. There is only one problem...

These goofy ahh bandicoots don't take too kindly to unexpected visitors.

Can Krystal survive her quest and return home in this Crash Bandicoot parody game?

Made for the Trans Gal Jam 2022.

CONTROLS (Keyboard)

WASD: Move

P: Jump

O: Attack

Arrow Keys: Camera

ESC: Quit

(Crash Bandicoot is a trademark of Activision)

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip and run the application!


Download 26 MB
Download 27 MB

Development log


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I love the colors and the artstyle , awesome game! ^-^

Thanks! ^_^